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My name is Onur Ucler and I currently work in a startup that builds CubeSat for NASA and Air-force as a senior software architect/senior research engineer. I am developing a reference firmware which complies with SOSA and VITA Tier-3 requirements. Previously, I was a co-founder of a startup named MyLearnMate. I developed a transformer model to generate video answers to math questions. I led a development team to build an iOS app, Azure API,  and a website.  As a side business, I develop trading algorithms for financial markets. I created a proprietary indicator that captures trends in the stock market with the help of Deep Learning algorithms. Most of the market tools that I developed are publicly available and integrated into Slack’s environment. Prior to startup experience, I worked at Intel Corporation for 8 years. My last position was a software architect prototyping/developing tools to validate power management capabilities and performance of Intel’s chipsets. Also, I had roles, as a lead system engineer for number of IP such as CSME, and PCIe, as design automation engineer, and a rtl design engineer for a number of products.

Some of the work done during my startup journey is highlighted here. Math video generation and stock trading tools are discussed here. For MyLearnMate,  I and my co-founder intended to support students in math by providing them video explanations.  We built a prototype for sample questions. Here is how it works:

Students enter a math equation:

x^2 + 2x + 1 = 0

Then the system generates an automatic video with voice. The video is generated for x^2 + 2x + 1 = 0 question given below.


Other question types supported by the system are listed:

  • Linear equations: 3x + x = 12
  • Linear 2d equations: x + y = 5, x + 2y = 5,x
  • Quadratic equations: x^2 + 2x + 1 = 0
  • Linear inequality equations: 2x + 5 < 0
  • Radical equations: \\sqrt(x) = 5

The questions can be tested at

Based on my stock and option trading, I identified some of the challenges traders have then I developed those tools. First one is a scanning tool to determine the trend of stocks and that finds out what stocks to trade and when to enter/exit. The tool combines both fundamental and technical indicators and show the graphs of those stocks.

Slack API: trading-assistant runs daily after each trading day and send a report and video explanation as shown below.


Also, I developed an indicator called ExpInd which signals how strong the trend is. For instance, the general market might be in a bear market but if the ExpInd stays above its average and resists going down that is a strong signal for an uptrend.

For more information about me you can check out my LinkedIn profile: or my GitHub: